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Test Plan

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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

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Test Plan

The test plan is a detail of how the test will proceed, who will do the testing, what will be tested, in how much time the test will take place, and to what quality level the test will be performed. This information has been updated to include Alfresco 3.0

Test Tool Information

Automated testing

We are using Mercury QuickTest Pro in house to help us achieve repeatable tests.

A lot of work went on under the covers of Alfresco 1.3 including the implimentation of fixed id names so that the automated tool could better identify the objects under test. The upside of this is that the tests will need a lot less work to be kept up to date with future versions of Alfresco. However, the downside is that the old tests are not compatible with Alfresco 1.3 (without having to re-map the object repository and modify the scripts where functionality had changed).

Automated Test Scripts

Please Click here to view the information on the Automated Test Scripts.

Release Procedures

Release Checklist