The File Plan

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The File Plan

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Records Management

Creating The File Plan

Users with the Create, Modify, Destroy Fileplan Metadata capability will be allowed to create Record Series and Record Categories. This capability is typically vested in Records Managers and Administrators of the system. The system is designed such that aggregation objects can only be created at their proper level in the file plan.

Creating Record Folders however requires a different capability, Create, Modify, Destroy Folders, this capability is often given to power users, local records officers and the like. These users are allowed to create and manage Record Folders, and hence records, within a specified part of the file plan.

When an aggregation object is created the system will record the date of creation and the user creating the object. This information is recorded in the object’s metadata. Depending on the aggregation object being created the system may mandate certain other metadata. Record Categories for example carry the most metadata as they carry the disposition instructions for the whole category.

Any new Record Folder created will be marked open, this means that records may be filed in it, the date of opening will be recorded as the same time as the creation date.

Maintaining The File Plan

This needs moving to a different section as its too detailed for an overview.