Upgrading to 1.4.0

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Upgrading to 1.4.0

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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade to 1.4.0, Alfresco strongly recommends that you first perform a successful upgrade to the latest 1.3.x.

Back up All Data

It is essential that you backup your existing data before an upgrade. For releases prior to 1.4, the safest way to perform a full backup is:

  • stop the Alfresco server
  • back up the database (e.g. export full DB to file)
  • back up the 'alf_data' directory (you could copy the DB export file into it first)

Oracle Indexes

A previous bug meant that some Oracle installations didn't have some indexes required for best performance. The 1.4 upgrade scripts for Oracle will not work without the required indexes installed.  These can be found in the <install>/upgrade/scripts folder.  As of 1.4, Oracle indexes will be applied automatically. Some T_ upgrade tables may still be present after upgrades to 1.3 - there is a script to remove these, too.

Installing from 1.3.x to 1.4.x

Database Upgrade Scripts

New functionality has been introduced into 1.4.0 that will ensure database scripts are automatically run.  Scripts that support the various Hibernate dialects can be found in the <alfresco.war>/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/dbscripts/upgrade/* folders.  See the page on Schema Upgrade Scripts for details on how to add or override the database scripts.

Clean Out the Transaction Logs

In order to improve performance both during and after the upgrade, clean out the old transaction logs.  This can be done at any stage on a 1.3.x system if

  • the system is not in a cluster,
  • the administrator is happy that the indexes are up to date, or
  • the indexes are about to be rebuilt
delete from node_status where node_id is null;

Upgrading to 1.4.x After Index Rebuilds

If the 1.3.x indexes are missing or have been rebuilt, then the 1.4.x server will fail to startup without a bit of intervention. Upgrade as follows:

  • Stop the server and perform a full backup of the database, content, and indexes.
  • Clean out the old transactions logs(#Clean Out the Transaction Logs).
  • Delete the indexes (all folders under <alf_data>/lucene-indexes).
  • Upgrade the WAR
    • Ensure that all bean and property overrides are correct for version 1.4.x. Ensure that your model bean overrides are in place and pay particular attention to your data location settings.
    • In your <extension-root>/alfresco/extension/custom-repository.properties (or equivalent), override the new 1.4.x properties

  • Restart the server.  You'll see a few messages indicating that the indexes are missing, but the system will still start.
  • Stop the server after the upgrades have finished.
  • Delete the indexes and set the system up for an index rebuild.

  • Restart the server.  Index recovery will start after a minute (by default) and will report its progress to the console.  The index recovery components are much more efficient with the 1.4.x schema.
  • Remove the index recovery settings

  • Testing can start as soon as the index recovery is complete - the server doesn't need restarting.

Installing from 1.2.1 to 1.4.0

Prior to 1.4, schema upgrade scripts were not automatically executed. It is therefore a minimum requirement that the 1.2.1 schema be upgraded to the 1.3.x schema using the upgrade scripts relevant to the database being used.

Once the schema has been successfully altered, the 1.4.0 server can be started. It is not necessary to execute the 1.3.x server against the upgraded schema.