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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

This page is a working document listing potential WCM specific features for future releases.

This page should not be used as a roadmap, however does indicate product focus, thought and direction.

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Web Producer is a web based tool aimed an equipping non-technical users with rich tools for website production.  Web Producer is not a tool for developers, however is aimed at people who produce websites e.g. a brand managers, marketing, communication, product managers etc.

Feature Requirements

  • Create website
    • Creates a content library
  • Manage pages and navigation hierarchies on a Surf website
  • Specify templates for pages and content types
  • Configure template instances with components and attribute values
  • Share content and presentation elements from elsewhere
  • Workflow UI
  • Translations
  • Deploy a website or content
  • Create navigation plan
  • Add website section
  • Create content library
  • Share existing content library
  • Invite user(s) to collaborate on the site
  • Grant roles to users on sections of the site
  • View where a piece of content is bound
  • Create content
  • Edit content
  • Delete content
  • Move content
  • Copy content
  • Create content library
  • Share content library
  • Import a shared content library
  • Bind content - to website section(s)
  • Bind Content - Define rules to automatically bind content to website section(s)
  • Create presentation library
  • Share presentation library
  • Import presentation library
  • Create website Section
  • Move Section
  • Edit a Section
  • Assign roles within a section
  • Upload / import template
  • View /preview template?
  • Delete Templates
  • Bind template to a website section + content type
  • Bind rules to a website section that define which template to use for a given content type in a given website section
  • See where a template is used
  • Upload / import components
  • View components
  • Delete components
  • Upload / import site plug-in
  • Site Plug-in
    • components + data model + dependencies
  • Bind components to regions of a template (template scope) and configure
  • Bind components to regions of a template (section scope) and configure
  • Create a site based on another existing site
  • Create micro site - location within current site
    • Inherits certain characteristics from parent
    • Can also add new content libraries and presentation libs
    • Site Manger role exists - different from overall site manager
  • Manage links / URLs
  • Report where a content item is being used

WCM Model