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Internal Alfresco Infrastructure
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Hosting Information

This page will be used to hold all the relevant information on the setup and construction of the new website.
Please feel free to post ideas.

Some software we want to use on our website:

Java Wiki software:

We will use Confluence from Atlassian under their open source license.

Java Forum Software:

Trying out the Jboss forums that are part of their portal.

News Software:

Not sure what we will use yet - must have rss feeds.

Survey Software:

Not sure what we will use yet - we want something that includes graphical results. I will try the rss reading and publishing features of confluence.

  • We need to list the websites that gather the details of content management systems, and contact them to add us to the list.
  1. Joe's OpenSolution Page:
  2. CMS Matrix - OSCOM - Open Source Content Management:
  3. Web Content Management System Reports -- CMS Watch:
  4. Yahoo! Groups : contentmanagementgroup:
  5. Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) in Java:
  • We need to investigate the methods used to submit our site to the search engines.
  1. Google:
  2. Yahoo:
  3. Multi-site free submission   manual links:
  4. Multi-site free submission:
  5. Multi-site free submission:
  6. Multi site free   paid submission:
  • We need to get a list of hosting providers that can host Jboss
  1. 2020Media Java hosting on dedicated virtual servers:
  2. tomcat support and managed hosting:
  3. CWCS: Web Hosting UK:
  4. Fasthosts:
  5. UK VPS: