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Wiki Guidelines

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Purpose of the Alfresco Wiki

The Alfresco Wiki is used to coordinate our efforts around Alfresco Community Edition, and related projects. The Activiti BPM platform is managed as a separate project with its own collaboration site.

Each page in this wiki should help you participate in the open source community around Alfresco Community Edition. This wiki is where the Alfresco product team documents how the project works, and allows the open source community to participate in our governance process.

This wiki is not for documentation. Historically, we used the wiki for preliminary documentation of ongoing projects. This is initially convenient, but quickly becomes a maintenance problem resulting in hundreds of obsolete pages. Instead, these types of one-way communication should be blog posts which are clearly tied to a specific point in time. You can then suggest that the content of that blog post gets migrated to the official documentation by creating a DOCS issue.

Instead of recreating documentation in this wiki, please link to the official documentation on the topic. If the documentation is not tied to a specific version of Alfresco, link to the Community Edition documentation where the URL will not change between versions.

Making Corrections

If you see a problem with a specific page in the official documentation, you should fill out the feedback form at the bottom of the page. If you have feedback that does not apply to a single page, create an issue in the DOCS project.

If you find something missing or incorrect on the wiki, don't log a bug; register for an account, then start editing! No matter what your role in the Alfresco community—employee, customer, end-user, partner, developer—we want and need your help keeping the wiki up-to-date. As Wikipedia encourages: be bold in updating pages!

In March 2015, we marked the whole wiki as 'obsolete' (about one-thousand pages). We then unmarked the approximately 100 pages that are still relevant. If you come across a relevant page that has the obsolete notice, please remove the template tag and category. If you see an obsolete page frequently come up in a query, please link to the correct page in the official documentation.

If you find yourself sharing a wiki page because it contains useful information that is not in the official documentation, please raise a DOCS issue and link to the wiki page.

Other ways you can help include:

Tips & Conventions

  1. Every category should be categorized. The only category that should not be categorized is ROOT
  2. Every page should be categorized.
  3. Categories should live at the bottom of the page, below all other content. Use one line per category.
  4. Let's keep the first level of categories below ROOT fairly succinct. In other words, don't add a new category to ROOT without a good reason.
  5. Don't combine a release number with a topic. For example, don't categorize something as '3.0 JavaScript'. Instead, categorize it as '3.0' and 'JavaScript'.
  6. Do not categorize a wiki page as a 'Community Contribution' solely because it is authored by someone in the community. Everything in the wiki is a community contribution. The community includes employees, partners, end-users, and everyone else.


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