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Workflow (Talk)

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In reading thought the documentation (I am not finished yet) on of the qustions that is starting to come up in my mind is the implications of workflows composed of other workflows.  Certainly this is possible in naked BPEL; aggregated flows appear as any other 'service'. 

Let me give an example where this question may apply: Parameters

will parameters be passed to aggregated workflows?

how will parameters be identified? by name? If so how do we avoid collision? Will there be some sort of namespace or scope associated?

Troubled over this for a while today and would have loved to find it in documentation. It appears a number (0-9) in the ID field of an element invalidates the xml and prevents workflow deployment. Would add it myself but I wasn't sure if it was for specific elements or only when the number begins the id (as it did it my case). The xml validated through the bpmn and activiti (5.0) xsd's, so it appears to be an alfresco specific requirement. Also, an alfresco xsd for validating prior to deployment would be really helpful and, if it does exist, it would do well to be on the wiki of documentation pages somewhere.