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The official documentation is at:

Starting from Alfresco Community 3.4.e, the Activiti BPMN 2.0 BPM engine is now embedded in Alfresco in addition to the original jBPM engine. You can discover more in Workflow_with_Activiti.

The rest of this page discusses Workflow using the original jBPM engine.

End User Features

Start Workflow (from a pre-defined list of registered Workflows)

  • Enter workflow parameters (e.g. due date, priority)
  • Attach resources (i.e. documents) to workflow 
  • Assign workflow participants (i.e. Alfresco users)

List tasks assigned to user (from dashboard)

List tasks completed by user (from dashboard)

List tasks assigned to your pool (from dashboard) - V2.0 onwards

View & Manage Task

  • Edit task related information
  • Add Commentary - V2.1 onwards
  • Review workflow history - V2.1 onwards
  • View and perform operations (e.g. checkout, edit, delete) on attached documents
  • Attach new documents to workflow
  • Re-assign Task to another user
  • Mark task as Done (or select pre-defined outcome)
  • Take ownership or Return to Pool - V2.0 onwards

Cancel workflow

Determine workflows a given piece of content is participating in

Out-of-the-box Workflows:

  • Simple review & approve workflow
  • Simple adhoc task workflow


'How to' to define your own workflows

Getting started with jPDL

Repository of sample Workflow Definitions

Workflow Definition Language:

Workflow Interfaces:

Workflow Tools:



Alfresco Workflow Requirements & Design

Workflow on Share

Activiti BPMN Integration

Embedded jBPM 3.2 Business Process Engine


  1. Creation of workflow in Alfresco using Activiti step by step
  2. Alfresco workflow – copy files attached to a folder
  3. Periodical actions, eg emails