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WorkflowAdministration (Talk)

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The description for downloading the jBPM packages doesn't match what is actually available based on the links.

Does this refer to the Eclipse IDE?  None of them are marked as an SDK.

These links actually point to a page with a list of stuff and a download button.  Pressing the download button takes me to .  This page gives me the options of downloading 'jPDL Suite 3.2.2', 'jPDL Runtime 3.2.2', 'jBPM BPEL 1.1', or 'jBPM GPD 3.1.2'.  I think that what you're suggesting I download is the jPDL Suite and the jBPM GPD, right?


This is a nice article, but the big thing that is missing (and that I'm struggling with at the moment) is the organization (relative location) and naming of all of the different files.  Eclipse doesn't seem to help me figure out where to put the model file, the string bundles, etc. even though it created a directory structure for the project (or help with naming conventions).  There is no 'model' directory, etc. for example.  So, along with each of the code snippets this article should define what the file should be named, where it should go in the 'project' and where the differences are if you are using the 'bean' deployment approach versus the Eclipse deployment approach.

This is the tree created by Eclipse for a new jBPM workflow project called, 'test1':

  • <project directory>
    • bin
    • src
      • main
        • config
        • java
        • jpdl
          • test1 -- This is where Eclipse put 'processdefinition.xml'
      • test
        • java

Eclipse puts processdefinition.xml (the workflow), gpd.xml (used to build the graphical display), and processimage.jpg (a snapshot of the workflow graphic) in <project directory>/src/main/jpdl/test1 and nothing at all in any of the other directories. 

  1. Where do I put the model and what do I call it? 
  2. Where do I put the string bundle and what do I call it? 
  3. Where do I put the client config and what do I call it?
  4. What is the point of all of these unused directories?

I've found descriptions in a few places that seem to indicate that I should edit all of these other files directly in the Alfresco source tree (in various directories for each kind of file) but this doesn't make a lot of sense to me since they all need to be deployed together (my assumption, anyway).  All of these go together pretty tightly, it seems to me, so I am expecting them to all be in the same bundle and deployed together.

-- Sgartner 23:05, 10 February 2010 (UTC)