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The official documentation is at:


Starting from Alfresco Community 3.4.e, the Activiti BPMN 2.0 BPM engine is now embedded in Alfresco in addition to the original jBPM engine. You can discover more in Workflow_with_Activiti.

The rest of this page discusses Workflow using the original jBPM engine, and you can more information in the workflow reference.

V1.4 Workflow Features

Alfresco End User (Workflow participant)

Web Client

  1. Start Workflow (from a pre-defined list of registered Workflows)
    1. Enter workflow related information (e.g. due date, priority)
    2. Attach resources to Workflow (i.e. documents)
    3. Assign users to Workflow
  2. List tasks assigned to user (from dashboard)
  3. List tasks completed by user (from dashboard)
  4. View & Manage Task
    1. Edit task related information
    2. View and perform operations (e.g. checkout, edit) on attached workflow documents
    3. Attach new documents to workflow
    4. Re-assign Task to another user
    5. Mark task as Done (or select pre-defined outcome)
  5. Cancel workflow
  6. Out-of-the-box Workflows
    1. Simple review & approve workflow
    2. Simple adhoc task workflow

Alfresco Administrator (Workflow creator)

'How to' guide for creating your own workflows.

Workflow Capabilities

  1. jPDL process language for defining workflows (i.e. states, transitions, tasks, events, actions)
  2. Custom process and task variables
  3. Maintain references to Alfresco Repository objects within workflow
  4. Beanshell and Alfresco Javascript scripting of process variables and Repository objects
    1. Base decisions on Repository state
    2. Perform operations against Repository objects (e.g. checkout, checkin, transform)
    3. Issue Alfresco actions (e.g. send e-mail)
  5. Declarative configuration of Start Workflow and Task dialogs
  6. Localised Workflow definitions

Workflow Designer

  1. JBoss jBPM Process Designer
    1. GUI for defining process definition
    2. Direct deployment of process definition to Alfresco Server

Workflow Interfaces

  1. Start 'advanced' Workflow Alfresco Action
  2. URL based Task Management (e.g. complete Review task and approve)

Alfresco Developer (Custom Workflow Applications)

  1. Java Workflow Service API


  1. Embedded JBoss jBPM 3.1.2 Business Process Engine


Start Workflow


Task Dashboard


Manage Task


Process Designer


Future Releases

  1. Workflow Package Commentary (Discussion Threads)
  2. Workflow Tracking
  3. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  4. BPEL support