Community Edition Form and Workflows

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Community Edition Form and Workflows


I am using Alfresco community edition 6.0 in a docker container. I would like to establish a way that a user could log onto alfresco navigate to their site click on a like that brings them to a form page to fill out something like a travel request. This travel request then is sent along for the appropriate approvals and saved in an appropriate location. Is there a tool with alfresco ce that can accomplish a similar tasking form/process flow? 

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Re: Community Edition Form and Workflows

If you are using activiti 6(alfresco process service community edition). You can create BPMN process designer.

The BPMN process designer is capable of creating model for your design where you can create a model like  start-> task1->task2->end

in task1,task2 you can reference a form(activiti 6 also comes up with the form desiner).

Hope this is helpfull.