Connection with Mysql db raises errors

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Connection with Mysql db raises errors

Hey there,

I'm facing issues with a fresh Activiti installation.
I've downloaded it from the official website and followed the various tutorials and threads I could find on the internet (including the official doc) to set it up. I've managed to get the activiti-app working, I could create a process and save it. DB connection seems to work for the activiti app as I could see the process in the db tables.

The admin and rest api seem unoperational though, I can login on both width default credentials, but the admin displays an error and translation keys are not translated.

The REST api displays 404 after successful login.

Here's what seems to be a relevant extract from the output of tomcat : 

[http-bio-8080-exec-2] ERROR com.activiti.service.activiti.ActivitiClientService - Error executing request to uri http://localhost:9999/activiti-app/api/query/historic-process-instances?size=25&sort=processInstance...
org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connect to localhost:9999 [localhost/] failed: Connection refused (Connection refused)

I think that it tries (wrongly) to contact the REST api via port 9999 (which I btw updated in the admin conf file for 8080, not sure if it's correct).

Configuration : 

Activiti : 6

Java version : 1.8

OS : Debian 8.1

DB : Mysql 5.5.60

Mysql Driver : 5.1.46

Any kind souls to help me sort this out ? Smiley Happy

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Re: Connection with Mysql db raises errors

Anyone ? 

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Re: Connection with Mysql db raises errors