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I'm considering deploying a workflow solution for a client. We need to trial-and-error to see if it will suit our needs. I remember using Activity many moons back, so I came here for a first check.

What in the world is being rolled out for 7.0? Microservices. Kubernetes. Storage engines. Really? My client isn't NetFlix. All we need is a workflow engine capable of dealing with versions, a BPMN designer, and preferably some UI to deal with human tasks. So I was expecting a database and a JEE or webserver, possibly using Docker or Podman.

Is there still a more simpler setup possible? Because I'm not finding any reference to that in the 7.0 documentation.

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Re: Overkill?

Hi @swx & welcome to Alfresco,

There's the option of Activiti 5 - deployed into Alfresco as a war or as a standalone application


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Re: Overkill?

You can simply add the libraries into a spring boot app and get started. Activiti-7 is focused on running the engine in a cloud-based environment, but regardless of other components (add-ons) its core dependencies can still be used to create standalone engine. check this out

Or you can consider using an older version as @EddieMay mentioned.

Activiti-5.22 with an eclipse modeler will just work fine.

Hope it helps.