Rest call for task query

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Rest call for task query

Using postman i am trying to query candidate group/user tasks.

End Point REST call:  http://localhost:8080/activiti-app/api/enterprise/tasks/query

The task is not assigned to user, but the user is one of the candidate groups the task is assigned to. 

Using admin credentials and with Json body { "assignment" : "useremail/username"} returns nothing.

What should be json body to get a user tasks .




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Re: Rest call for task query

try identityLinks API instead. pass the type as candidate and user as userID.

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Re: Rest call for task query!/tasks/getIdentityLinksUsingGET_2 needs a taskId..

But I don't have taskId to query..


All I have is userId, I need to query for all the tasks that the user(getMyTasks) is eligible to work on.