UTF-8 character

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UTF-8 character

I am using activiti 6.0.0 , I use the activiti designer to build the workflows,
When i try to do execution.setVariable("varname","UTF-8 character") in a script block and revisit the block it becomes "???". How to solve the issue in the designer.

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Re: UTF-8 character

Hi @Rashmi9796,

Could you show a bit more of the code that you're using?  There could be an scope issue: see here https://hub.alfresco.com/t5/alfresco-process-services/serialization-bug-in-scripts-with-jdk-gt-1-6-0...

Wrapping the call in an annonymous function might help?

   var rv = "hello";
   execution.setVariable("result", rv);


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