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ADF vs Share


ADF offers awesome interfaces (Angular & angulat Material are the best choices for me) but what about possibilities ?

For example ,

- do you think it's possible to manage users, groups and permissions in an application creating with ADF, like we can do with "Share" standard app ?

- Can we also developp "dashlets" like the standard alfresco app ?

- Is ADF app substitutes "Share" and could use "Platform" back end new functionnalities that i developp or must i all rewrite ?

Thank's in advance

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Re: ADF vs Share

Right now, I would say no for all the questions.

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Re: ADF vs Share

The JS-API provides the 'plumbing' to the REST APIs which will allow you to create the UI components for managing users, groups and permissions.  The ADF roadmap does include managing permissions via pre-build UI components, you'll see this work starting to appear from ADF version 2.3.

Dashboards, and Dashlets are not Share features on the ADF roadmap at the moment, however all the pieces are there which will allow you to create custom pages with dashlet style components.  You could even create some reusable components and contribute them to the ADF project: GitHub - Alfresco/alfresco-ng2-components: Alfresco Angular Components 

There is an Open Source project, released at the end of last year, which is not designed to replace Share but is to demonstrate how to create a file/document app using the ADF, a sub-set of the Alfresco Share features.  You can get code from here: GitHub - Alfresco/alfresco-content-app  and even contribute to the project to help us progress it faster.  Version 1.1 of this project is expected mid-March.


Re: ADF vs Share

Yes it is all possible if you want to put some time in it.
I have written a dashlet components and I have developed my own dashlets, but they are written in Bootstrap (not Material like ADF uses), so I don't know if they will be any use to you.
I also created user lists.
It's not so much work if you use the ADF services and know how Angular works.


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