Not able to login in ACA

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Not able to login in ACA


I'm using ACS 6.2 & ACA 2.2.0 projects.

I have configured both the projects by adding the acs server url into the ACA_Project/src/proxy.config.js file, as follow:

proxy.config.js file.png

Started the aca project by running the cmd

npm start

No error in logs but in the UI when i login then it is throwing 404 for the following API call:

POST http://localhost:4200/alfresco/api/-default-/public/authentication/versions/1/tickets 404 (Not Found)


I have executed the api in postman using my acs url & that worked:


But the same url using aca server url, didn't worked form postman too:


Can someone please help me to understand what's gone wrong & some guidance to fix this issue.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Not able to login in ACA


I found that in my database postgresql from docker isn't able to create the table "alf_server" which is sharing columns as fk with "alf_transcation" table.

Anyone knows who can i fix this default table creation? or why even it isn't able to create the "alf_server" table?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Not able to login in ACA

I faced the same issue by following the official documentation ( )

The solution is by adding the following property to the .env file as described in the of the source code.


Where `<URL>` is the address of the ACS (BASE_URL="http://localhost:8080for example).