Hack-a-thon May 2020 - Adrien SAUVEZ

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Hack-a-thon May 2020 - Adrien SAUVEZ

Alfresco Employee
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Project Lead: Adrien SAUVEZ

Adrien works for Smile, an Alfresco partner, although he did this as an individual.

Project Title: GraphQL endpoint for Alfresco

Aim of Project:  GraphQL is a really good alternative to REST and I wanted to try to implement it on something I knew. I may be useful for clients who want to access a lot of information from Alfresco on one single request.

Project Outcome: Did you solve your problem? Yes, you can do most common requests with the current implementation. Did you produce a working example? Yes, you may find sample requests and mutation here :

Can your code be added to Alfresco? Yes, I will be honored. But I don't think you want to multiply the official APIs. So I would understand if it was not done. 

How do others deploy your code? Clone, compile and add dependency : fr.smile.alfresco.graphql graphql 1.0-SNAPSHOT Project Repo:

Do you have ideas on how your project could be enhanced? I am still working on the workflow part. I want to do the full cycle (create workflow on a document, query tasks, signal each step).

About the Author
My own background is in Java and PHP development. I’ve previously worked with Alfresco and more recently with Open Source software such as Joomla & Magento as a freelance developer.