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Community Manager
Community Manager

What is Alfresco ID?

Alfresco ID is our new Single Sign On tool that will allow you to access Alfresco websites using one set of credentials, in the first phase the following systems will be enabled for Alfresco ID:

We’ll be phasing the rollout to each of the systems above over the course of the next 3 months, beginning in January with the Alfresco University and ending in February with Alfresco Customer Support Portal.

Alfresco ID is built on top of Okta - the industry leading platform for single sign on and identity management, as our business has grown we’ve added services to support our customers and partners with learning, collaboration and support - now we plan to make accessing those services as easy as possible for all Alfresco users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I sign in?
A: Go to the sign-in page

Q: What should I do if I forget my username or password?
A: Go to the sign-in page and click the forgotten password link.

Q: How do I access the Customer Support Portal?
A:  Go to Customer Support Portal

Q: I’m having problems connecting to the customer support portal
A: Please either contact your company administrator, your Alfresco Customer Support Mananger or contact Alfresco

Q: How do I access Alfresco University?
A: Go to Alfresco University

Q: I’m having problems connecting to Alfresco University
A: Please contact Alfresco

Q: How do I access the forums / Hub?
A: Go to Forums / Hub

Q: I’m having problems connecting to the forums / Hub
A: Please reset your password 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

We have some exciting news to share! In early 2020 we will start to roll out a new service to Alfresco websites that we’re calling ‘Alfresco ID’.


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