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Dear Alfresco Hub community members,

Some of you who attended July’s Tech Talk Live (TTL) know me a bit already, as I was hosting it for the first time, and I took the occasion to talk a little about myself. It is now time to introduce myself more broadly via the Hub.

For some time now, Hyland has been building a great team of online community managers and tech evangelists, with experts dedicated to the different ranges of our products and vertical markets. That’s why I was excited to join the team this summer.

My background in open source

I am very pleased to be managing open-source software communities — including Alfresco, but also Nuxeo soon. And later, I’ll add some other exciting open-source projects that we’re building as I write this article. Open source is somewhat new for Hyland — as it’s been around for more than three decades —but we are fully committed to it.

Before accepting this new challenge in my career, I had been involved in many communities. The last 20 years, I have seen both sides of open source: as a hobbyist (read more about it on and as a professional, working for open source software vendors (workflow, ecommerce) and the Eclipse Foundation. I also wrote and taught about free and open-source software.

My role as “Chief Connector”

Quick spoiler, I am not a developer, so, please don’t expect me to answer directly to very technical questions on the Hub. Of course, expect me to write articles, offer advice, and help find the right expert on open source for those deep technical questions. And you can count on me to make the Hub a thriving and active community! Many people, including me, are currently working inside Hyland to improve our community websites.

To help with that effort, we contacted some of you last week for an interview. Your ideas and initiatives are more than very welcome, and if you want to share them or discuss with me, please don’t be shy and contact me.

You will see it is easy to get in touch with me: look for and ping “ttoine” on most platforms, including Alfresco Hub.

Looking forward to connecting with you,


Twitter: @ttoine



About the Author
Open source Community Manager at Hyland. Open source enthusiast, contributor, user, and professional since the end of the 90s. Building tech communities around open source projects. I also teach and advise on open source, and write tutorials.