Tech Talk Live #126 Q&A

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Tech Talk Live #126 Q&A

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Cristina Martín and Javier Martinez Rojo, from Venzia IT, presented and answered the following questions.

What about localization?

We follow the Angular best practices for that - see here.

The link to your Github is private:

Will there be a public repository?

Yes, it's a private repo. A public one will be created soon.

Is this product based in Alfresco Content Application?

What ability has AQUA to be upgraded to a new version of ACA, ADF, Angular? Is it tied to an specific version of ADF?

The stack is up to date to the last version for ACA frameworks and components

THe integration with BPMs how its working, via API Rest. And with kind or brands of BPM's are Aqua compatible with

Yes, API REST integration for several vendors like Activiti, Flowable, Camunda ..

The MetaDBConnector is REST PUT as well? And if it does how does it ensure the commit/transactions? 

I like the connector though - well done. A good shift from the datalist days Smiley Happy

No, only PULL operation (so read-only). Thanks for insights

Speaker slide deck.

There were several resources mentioned in the slide deck, which are included below:

Back-end project :

NodeJS component to create rest API from any DB :

AQuA website :


Create ACA extensions :

Install ACA extensions : 

Other ACA doc :

On Demand:

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