Afresco port configuration version 5.0.d

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Member II

Afresco port configuration version 5.0.d

Previously we're using Alfresco under port 8080, recently some activity has happned were we've to changed port 8080 to 80 in all config files. After changing ports we restarted the services and i am getting login page as Alfresco Community instead fo customize logo which is leading us to unable to login UI even with admin credentails.
When i validate in backend log files we could see still port are pointing to 8080.

Below are the config file where i've changed ports,

Please help me with port configuration.

Thanks in Advance!!!!

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Senior Member

Re: Afresco port configuration version 5.0.d

Can you provide more information on what UI you are using and if Share is the one that is working port 80? Thank you.

Member II

Re: Afresco port configuration version 5.0.d

Thanks for your response. Yes, we're try to login Alfresco share with the port 80. please let me know if you need more details.

Thanks in Advance