Alfresco Jmeter Load Test Plugin

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Alfresco Jmeter Load Test Plugin

This plug-in can be used to test load on alfresco using jmeter's java request sampler.
This plug-in is designed to upload content to Alfresco via Http and Ftp java requests samplers.
Out-of-box Jmeter doesn't allow to upload multiple files and folder to Alfresco. This plug-in allows to Upload folders and multiple files to Alfresco via FTP and HTTP interface.

Author: Abhhinav Kumar Mishra



Alfresco Community/Enterprise 4.2.x

Alfresco Community/Enterprise 5.x

Alfresco Content Services Community/Enterprise 6.x

Alfresco Content Services Community/Enterprise 7.x

License Type Apache
Project Page GitHub - abhinavmishra14/AlfrescoJMeterLoadTestPlugin: This plug-in can be used to test load on alfr... 
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Tags Jmeter, document upload, upload folders
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Installation JAR