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JavaScript Console

This project defines a Share administration console component to execute custom JavaScript code against the Alresco repository. It can be used for prototyping webscripts or to run administrative scripts. This is part of the Share-Extras project.

OwnerFlorian Maul‌ / Jens Goldhammer

Alfresco Content Services


Community 4.x and above

Enterprise 4.x and above

License TypeApache License 2.0
Project PageGitHub project page 
Download PageMaven Central (released versions of Repository AMP + Share AMP)
2 Replies
Member II

Re: JavaScript Console

Is this still supported for ACS 6.0 in kubernetes and if so do you know if there is any documentation provided for how to add 3rd party amps?


Re: JavaScript Console

Yes, it still works on Alfresco 6.0, that's why I added the categories for Community / Enterprise 6.0. Of course you have to add the AMP yourself when you build your own Docker images for use in Kubernetes. Addition of AMPs should be well covered in Deploying and Running ACS 6.0