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WordPress CMIS Plugin

This project is a simple plugin for WordPress that allows the user to embed content stored in a CMIS-compliant content repository into a WordPress site. Right now it is only tested against Alfresco, but this will change as the project matures. Some features include:

  • Content mime-type detection for the display of the right type of icon for certain doc formats.
  • Folder navigation
  • Display of the current location in the repository

Feature requests are always welcome, as are code contributions.

OwnerNathan McMInn

Community 4.2.x

License TypeMIT
Project PageGoogle Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. 
Download Page
TagsHackathon2012, PHP, WordPress
Component TypeExternal Utility, Integration
Extension PointsPublic API
1 Reply
Member II

Re: WordPress CMIS Plugin

Hi !
I need to embed Alfresco PDF in Wordpress pages.
The WordPress CMIS Plugin does not work on my wordpress dev site.


This plugin is it ok for PDF embed in a wordpress 5 version ?
Thank you,
Jean David