Upgrading Alfresco Free Version Help

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Upgrading Alfresco Free Version Help

We have come to a stage with Alfresco where currently, our storage limit had been reached, so we cannot upload any more files / documents etc.  Could  you advise us for the next step, on how to increase our storage or upgrade our alfresco.     We also use Alfresco for the office documentation, to allow all who needs it, access to the most up-to-date and relevant documents, which again we cannot upload any further documentation due to the limit exceeded.   We currently have the free version of Alfresco. (Alfresco in the cloud) I have been trying to get in contact with Alfresco UK about this but seem to be getting nowhere.

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Re: Upgrading Alfresco Free Version Help


Before upgrading your existing Alfresco, its recommended to take a backup of your production data which includes documents (alf_data), database, indexes and other customization with configurations.

You can take a backup with this Alfresco Backup Script for Linux Instance Alfresco support | ContCentric link.

Copy the backup on some other location or may be on other server and then you can increase your server storage. After that you can start upgrading Alfresco instance by following Upgrading on a single instance | Alfresco Documentation link.

NOTE : You can remove the big size log files (with .txt extension) located at <ALF-HOME>/tomcat/logs/

It will help you free some storage space on your server.

Feel free to ask in case of any query.