2.0 Default Content Model UML

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2.0 Default Content Model UML

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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

Content Modeling
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This page contains UML class diagrams of the Alfresco content models. These diagrams have been based on the XML definitions of these models in the latest source code (in Subversion), which eventually will be released as Alfresco 2.0. Creating the diagrams is done by using a set of mapping rules. These are described in How To Create UML Class Diagrams.

The software used to create these models and render the JPEG images shown on these pages is StarUML.


The image below shows all the packages and their dependencies on each other. Note that each package has a 1:1 relationship with the models depicted below.

Alfresco Packages|700px

Application Model

Alfresco Application Model|700px

System Model

Alfresco System Model|700px

Content Model

Alfresco Content Model - Types|700px

Alfresco Content Model - Aspects|700px

BPM Model

Alfresco BPM Model|700px

Forum Model

Alfresco Forum Model|700px

JCR Model

Alfresco JCR Model|700px

Records Model

Alfresco Records Model|700px

WCM Model

Alfresco WCM Model|700px

WCM Application Model

Alfresco WCM Application Model|700px

Workflow Model

Alfresco Workflow Model|700px