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JSF Component
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General Description

A set of non-visual components designed to wrap JSF component hierarchies and enable or disable the rendering of the child components depending on the result of some condition.
Currently 3 basic evaluators are provided which should be sufficient for most purposes. Since the evaluators all support the JSF expression language then powerful test expressions can be coded directly into the page without the need to create new evaluator components for a specific purpose.

Tag details

<boolean>' MANDATORY />

<string>' MANDATORY />

<string>' MANDATORY condition='<string>' MANDATORY />

Custom tag attributes

value - the value to test against. Depending on the evaluator implementation, this value will be converted to an appropriate type (e.g. boolean, string) and tested in some way. If the result of the test is TRUE then the child component hierarchy will be allowed to render normally, else it will be hidden and not rendered to the page.

condition - string condition to test against.


  <a:booleanEvaluator value='#{bean.isCheckedOut}'>
     <h:outputText value='Component inside an evaluator'/>
  <a:valueSetEvaluator value='#{bean.client}'>
     <h:outputText value='Component inside an evaluator'/>
  <a:stringEqualsEvaluator value='#{bean.name}' condition='Something'>
     <h:outputText value='Component inside an evaluator'/>