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ImageMagick Configuration

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The official documentation is at:

To install ImageMagick follow the steps below:

  • Install ImageMagick
  • Ensure that the ImageMagick binaries are in the system path
  • Then either
    • rename the convert executable to imconvert to avoid a conflict with the Windows convert.exe OR
    • override the transformer.ImageMagick bean found in content-services-context.xml and modify the commandMap.
    • (Note that this is required because at least on SUSE 10.1 the default ImageMagick executable is called convert)

Additionally, you can install JMagick if you would rather use the Java bridge to ImageMagick.

  • Install JMagick
  • Copy the JMagick library to a location on your path or modify your system path
  • Ensure that the ImageMagick libraries are visible on your system path

If, when the server starts, there ISN'T a message indicating that the ImageMagick transformer didn't start then everything is OK.  If you don't need the transformer and the message irritates you, you override the bean name with a dummy bean that does nothing, e.g.

Workaround for a Windows/ImageMagick 6.5.x issue

There may be an issue for Windows users of ImageMagick versions 6.5.x where thumbnails are always created with a zero file size.
If DEBUG logging is enabled, a message similar to the following is generated in the log:

  15:03:07,197 DEBUG [org.alfresco.util.exec.RuntimeExec] Execution result:
  os: Windows XP
  command: [C:/devtools/ImageMagick-6.5.7-Q16/imconvert, C:\devtools\apache-tomcat-6.0.18\temp\Alfresco\ImageMagickContentTransformer_source_6794085110837159309.png[0], -thumbnail, 100x100, C:\devtools\apache-tomcat-6.0.18\temp\Alfresco\ImageMagickContentTransformer_target_9019625159893596094.jpg]
  succeeded: true
  exit code: -1072365564

This seems to be an issue with ImageMagick and can be resolved by adding the following entry to imagemagick-transform-context.xml:

  <entry key='SYSTEMROOT'>

See ALF-1978 along with the forum thread at forums.alfresco and the ImageMagick thread here for further information.

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