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Project Overview: Share

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Purpose and Scope

Alfresco Share is the primary user interface for Alfresco Content Services and Alfresco Community Edition. Focused on collaboration use cases, Share makes it easy to work on content organized in sites. Though Share can be customized and extended, Share is not the recommended development platform for custom application development. We recommend the Application Development Framework‌ for most custom applications.

Alfresco Share will continue to be supported as a collaboration interface for Alfresco Content Services. However, Alfresco's focus for investment is on ADF applications (see Application Development Framework). No timeline has been set for Share deprecation and we continue to invest in Share and Alfresco Governance Services based on Share (see Project Overview: Governance Services).



Governance Model

The roadmap of the project is determined by Alfresco Product Management in response to customer needs and analysis of the market place. Open source contributions are considered for inclusion based on their quality, relevance to the current roadmap, and our quality assurance backlog.


Alfresco Share is made available under the terms of the LGPLv3.

Source Code

The project is built from the following public Git repositories:

Historical source repositories for this and related projects are listed on the page Legacy Source Code.

Issue Tracker

The team works from the "Share (SHA)" project at

The public can raise issues in the ALF project at, and they will be linked into the appropriate project during triage.

Subscribers to Alfresco support should report issues through the Alfresco Support Portal, so that they can be properly tracked and escalated.

Road Map

Alfresco's focus is on building applications using the Application Development Framework

Share is actively being maintained and we expect to better tailor it to the content collaboration use case.

Customers can escalate feature requests through Alfresco Support.


Alfresco Share has three central architectural components:

  • Spring Surf composes and serves pages
  • YUI is used to provide JavaScript components in older parts of Share
  • Aikau is used to provide JavaScript components in newer parts of Share. See Project Overview: Aikau

We are also working on releasing the test framework and test cases for the features included in the open source module.

We are working on documenting the architecture.

Contribution Guidelines

Contributions should be submitted as patches in the ALF project at We will need you to sign a Contribution Agreement before we can accept your contribution.

You can find more about contribution guidelines at

If you are interested in making a large contribution, please reach out to us before starting work so that we can discuss the likelihood of our accepting the contribution.

All contributions should have an associated test case.