Hack-a-thon Overview

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Hack-a-thon Overview

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Note: The spelling variants "hackathon" and "hack-a-thon" may be used interchangibly. For sake of consistency we try to stick to the latter.

What is a hack-a-thon?

A hack-a-thon is an event in which (traditionally) software developers, architects, interface designers and - to a lesser extent - project managers collaborate in a restricted time span on a project of their choice outside of the normal work environment and its restrictions. The projects can be anything - experimental prototypes and extensions to existing functionality that people normally don't get around to coding are popular options. In the context of the Alfresco community we have expanded this meaning to cover anything related to the Alfresco product, its ecosystem and community. In the past attendees have participated in cleanups of the wiki and forums, or have discussed use-cases and features from a user perspective, and defined requirements for missing features / fixes to inconsistent behaviours.


Regardless of what each attendee decides to do during a hack-a-thon, it is the best environment to collaborate with the most experienced of Alfresco community members, share ideas, learn and expand your individual professional or private network. Anyone can attend these events and bring valueable project ideas to the table.


Next Event

Global Virtual Hack-a-thon Spring 2019 on Friday, May 10th


Past Events

Several types of hack-a-thons have taken place in the past:

  • Global Virtual Hack-a-thon
  • On-site Hack-a-thon at Alfresco Summit
  • On-site Hack-a-thon at BeeCon

You can get a sense for how we do a hack-a-thon by looking at previous events.