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ecm4u Antivirus

Scan all files transparently for viruses that are stored or modified in Alfresco

Alfresco does not yet provide a virus scanner and classic virus scanners cannot be used with Alfresco on the server side without issues. The ecm4u antivirus module closes this gap by hooking into all Alfresco write operations and scanning the data stream for viruses before the operation is complete from Alfresco's point of view. If a virus is found, the file is quarantined in Alfresco so that the system always remains consistent.

If an infected document is found, both the user and an administrator are notified by email and the document is placed in a quarantine: For users, only the properties of a document are readable and an indicator for the infection is displayed. Opening or downloading the document is denied across all protocols. Each scanned document stores the scan status as well as the exact scanner version, so that specific documents can be rescanned after updating the virus scanner if necessary.

A REST API is available to the administrator, allowing documents to be initially scanned as well as rescanned or released from quarantine if required. A sleep mode is also supported, for example to run the scan only after a major import.

The module integrates conventional antivirus programs that have a command line interface. As a reference implementation, ClamAV is used as a virus scanner in the package we devliver, but any other virus scanner that has a CLI interface can be used.

  • secure, transparent scanning of data for viruses
  • prompt notification for identified viruses with quarantine function
  • re-release of documents in case of false alarm
  • no training required and high acceptance
  • script api, batch scan, sleep mode
Ownerecm4u GmbH

Alfresco CE & EE 4.2 - 7.x

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