ACS7.2 bootstrap issues

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ACS7.2 bootstrap issues

I am upgrading to ACS7.2 from 5.2. I have created a new db for alfresco 7.2. When I start vanilla ACS7.2 it fails saying "Cause: Invalid object name 'alf_audit_model'".

I checked db and 'alf_audit_model' doesnt exist. I studied alfresco-repository code and there is db-schema-context.xml that is infact having scripts to create alf_audit_model and other tables. How do I make alfresco execute so it creates all tables and completes bootstrap?

I have db.schema.update=true in global properties.

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Re: ACS7.2 bootstrap issues

Please verify that DB has enough elivated right to do Create the table

Also if you are trying in Dev env you can copy the create alf_audit_model query and try to execute it manually with the same user which is provided in alfresco global properties file , just to verify the user you are using have enough access to create table