Hey Front-End Developer, what are your preferred options in developing with ADF?

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Hey Front-End Developer, what are your preferred options in developing with ADF?

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Help shape the future of ADF front end development!

From the early days of the Alfresco Application Development Framework, also known as ADF, we have used the Yeoman Generator tool for Alfresco ADF Applications for Front-End Developers. If you have never used it, take a look at this tutorial to see what it is.

Since it was released in 2016, many enhancements have been made to the generator, but Alfresco products and strategy have also evolved over the same period. With this in mind, as a Product Team, we would like to provide more flexible options for ADF Front-End Developers to use and to generate their applications.

This is the main reason for this blog post. Instead of us deciding the best tools for our developers to use, we want to ask you, the developers, to help us influence the direction of the ADF based applications and tooling.


So, we’re asking you to fill out this simple survey. It will only take a few minutes, but your responses will help influence the selection of the right tools for your ADF development.

Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 14.16.15.png

Please click on the link below and let us know your preferred options for developing with ADF.

<Link has been hidden>

Update of 2020-06-29: Thank you all guys! We had great feedback through the survey. The survey is now over.

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