Tech Talk Live #149 - Alfresco mTLS authentication made simple(r) with Ansible

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Tech Talk Live #149 - Alfresco mTLS authentication made simple(r) with Ansible

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Community Manager
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Join us on July 19th for TTL #149 to discover how to make Alfresco mTLS authentication simple(r) with Ansible.

Alfresco 7.4 introduced support for mutual TLS authentication between Repository and Transform Services (ATS). This feature however requires to generate certificate and private keys for each component and store them in different keystores/truststores.

Alfresco maintain an Ansible Playbook that ease the installation and maintenance of Alfresco installs on bare-metal or IaaS VM. The lastet version of the playbook will generate its own PKI and issue dedicated host certificate and private key pairs. It is also possible to use a private PKI, by requesting a CA signing certificate and key, or you can request individual hosts certificates.

As usual we will finish with a Q&A session, so don't forget to prepare your questions.

Date: July 19th, 2023

Time: 10AM EDT | 3PM BST | 4PM CEST

Speaker: Alexandre Chapellon & Giovanni Toraldo, DevOps Engineering, Hyland

Register here: TTL #149 - Zoom Webinar

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