TTL #151 - How to generate Alfresco Docker assets with Docker Init

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TTL #151 - How to generate Alfresco Docker assets with Docker Init

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Community Manager
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Join us on October 18th for TTL #151 to learn all about the new Docker Init feature and how you can use it with Alfresco.

Angel Borroy will be right back from DockerCon where he will talk about Docker Init. When the recording of his talk will be available, we will share it on Alfresco Hub. The good news: he will adapt this talk to the specific context of Alfresco for a Tech Talk Live.

In this session, Angel will examine various methodologies for crafting Alfresco Docker assets, like the Python Generator, Yeoman, and the Maven SDK. Furthermore, he will present a practical demonstration of the newly introduced Docker Init feature in conjunction with the Docker Compose Include directive to showcase the future of Alfresco deployment.

Date: October 18th, 2023

Time: 10AM EDT | 3PM BST | 4PM CEST

Speaker: Angel Borroy, Tech Evangelist at Hyland








Register here: TTL #151 - Zoom

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