Activiti 6 is on the Way

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Activiti 6 is on the Way

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Activiti 6.0 Final release is around the corner, and I’m super excited of being part of this release because it is the first step towards a bright future. I’m looking forward to working with the community to shape up the next releases of the project to make sure that we push BPM to the next level.

On the Activiti 6.0 release you will find:

  • A new refactored Process Engine optimized and battle tested by several community users and organizations. The introduction of native BPMN support instead of the Process Virtual Machines offers better performance. This builds on top of Activiti’s stateless architecture to bring even higher levels of performance and scalability.
  • The only Open Source BPM framework with the potential and plan for further bringing Content and Process together. Content enriches process management making it true context-aware digital flow rather than just state transitions and service orchestrations. Knowledge and context become the driver for semi-autonomous process.
  • Improved & flexible persistence mechanism which give us the right tools to move highly distributed environments. We are actively working on solutions that when combined with stateless architecture of Activiti’s process engine create new-infinite linear scalability. With Activiti’s small footprint this is ideal for cloud-era on-demand architectures. We are also supporting this direction with our first take in modularizing Activiti’s process services
  • Support for ad-hoc BPMN activities that combined with our Content roots broaden the scope and depth of unstructured and dynamic processes
  • Introduction of modern App Design modeller web app that offers in addition to BPMN modelling, forms, decision tables, granular capability-driven identity management, as well as the ability to bundle models into deployable model-driven process applications

I’ve joined Alfresco almost 4 months ago after being for more than 10 years contributing with several Open Source projects on the BPM and Model Driven Frameworks landscape. (You can find my articles, tutorials, books and my thoughts about BPM, Case Management, Rule Engines and AI in my personal blog: I truly believe that we can simplify users experiences by providing the right tools for the job. Also, Developers and DevOps experiences can be simplified by making Activiti project even more ready for the Cloud and continuously updating to the latest standard technologies. I’m looking forward to help the Activiti community to evolve beyond traditional BPM Process Engines to a full-fledged Cloud Ready Business Automation Platform.

When I joined Alfresco, I realized the importance of completing the Activiti v6 work already in progress. You’ll see more innovation beyond the original v6 scope in the near future. In contrast with the how the Open Source project was previously organized, I’m committed to make sure that the next releases are built collaboratively between partners, community members and companies that are already using it.

Going forward, you will be see me around a lot in the community (, and and conferences spreading the word. Please get in touch if you want to get involved.

About the Author
Open Source, Java, BPM and Rule Engine enthusiast and promoter. Writer of 4 books about BPM & Rule Engines, now Principal Software Engineer @ Alfresco.