Alfresco Process Services SDK Maven Module

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Alfresco Process Services SDK Maven Module

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Five months ago I published the Alfresco Process Services SDK on my GitHub account, this module is dedicated to create extensions for APS in a consistent way. 

The idea behind this contribution started for these two reasons:

  • Help attendees during official APS courses to better understand the platform
  • Help developers to quickly extend APS with new services and components

As an Alfresco Certified Instructor I have created and used this module during the sessions about APS held at the last Alfresco DevCon 2019 in Edinburgh. Using this SDK you can implement your own Java components and you can also build unit and integration tests for consolidating the overall solution.

This could be a good starting point for building your projects for giving it a minimum of quality needed to every customer. In TAI Solutions we are using this module also for building solutions for our customers and it seems that it is working very well 

Currently the SDK is configured for APS but it was tested also on APS 1.8 and 1.9. The structure of this module is strongly based on the current APS 1.x source code packaging, so if you know something about APS classpath, you should feel at home 


Developers can implement their own solutions on top of Alfresco Process Services with the following supported features:

  • Runs the embedded container + H2 DB

  • Runs unit and integration tests

  • Packages both App ZIP and JAR with customization

  • All the APS Java Services supported (UserService, GroupService, TenantService and so on...)

  • No parent pom

  • Standard JAR packaging and layout

  • It works seamlessly with any Maven-compliant IDE


  • JDK 1.8

  • Apache Maven 3.x (where x should be the latest version)

  • Enterprise Maven Repo Account: an active account for the Alfresco Maven Enterprise Repository to have access to the Enterprise artifacts. If you are an Alfresco Partner or an Alfresco Customer, you can raise a ticket in the Alfresco Support Portal asking for your own account credentials

Please let me know if you are interested to contribute on this project and any feedback is welcome.

More details are available in this post in my personal blog.

Hope this helps

Alfresco Process Services SDK - Github location

Alfresco Process Services SDK - Maven Module

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Solution Architect AIIM Professional Member Certified Alfresco Instructor / ACE / ACA Mentor, PMC Member and Committer @ Apache Software Foundation Author @ Packt Publishing Project Leader @ JBoss Community