How to deploy the Process Workspace app in Tomcat

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How to deploy the Process Workspace app in Tomcat

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This is a basic guide of how to deploy the Process Workspace in Tomcat


Download the latest version of Process Workspace from Nexus APW 1.1.0 based on adf‌ 2.3.0‌


Once downloaded the Zip, you need to Unzip the file.

Step 3

Open the unzipped folder in your prefered IDE. You should be able to see the Process Workspace app structure like in the images below:

  • src folder (source code) 
    Alfresco Process Workspace Sourcecode
  • dist folder (distribution)
    Alfresco Process Workspace dist folder

Step 4

Now you are ready to deploy the Process Workspace app in tomcat.
Rename the dist folder with the name you want to see in the URL of your server ( i.e. process-workspace) and paste the renamed 
folder under the folder /webapps in tomcat as in the image above:

Deploy Process Workspace in tomcat webapp folder

Step 5

Start your tomcat server

Step 6

Open your browser and visit the URL localhost:8080/process-workspace. The app is running:

Alfresco Process Workspace up and running

 If you have more questions, please reply here or contact us using    gitter

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