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Alfresco Employee
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Welcome to our new site specifically created to help you do more with Alfresco Activiti. We realized there was a gap between what is provided on the Activiti Community pages and what people need when they want to find out more about the Enterprise version of Activiti.


First of all, this is the place to come for the most up to date documentation about Alfresco Activiti, whether you are an administrator setting up or looking after an Alfresco Activiti deployment, or a developer looking to find ways of extending and customizing all aspects of the Alfresco Activiti product - from integrations to UI enhancements. If you are a user looking for more advanced uses of Activiti, or ready-made examples to show what can be done with Activiti, there’s plenty for you too.


As well as documentation, there will be videos of Activiti in action, especially new features, and clips showing interesting uses or integrations with other applications. We won’t be limiting the material to just content that we produce, we will also share videos and guest blogs from customers and partners (unless they contain such a blatant sale pitch that the useful information gets lost in the wonderfulness of the organization creating it). Obviously, anything we produce will be a lesson in awesomeness 


It will take a bit of time to build up the content and it will be updated frequently, so make sure you come back here frequently to see what’s new.